Friday, 19 October 2012

Data Migration Services | Data Conversion Services in Mumbai

Data Migration is the transfer/translation of data from one storage type / format /device into another storage type / format / device. Data migration is necessitated owing to scenarios wherein the data in the present medium or format is not accessible or useful and needs to be translated into another medium or format according to the individual's or the organization's new requirements. Such scenarios come into existence when the company:

  • Upgrades its databases/programs to newer versions
  • Upgrades its computer system software
  • Changes its databases/programs to another entirely new databases/programs
  • Undergoes mergers/acquisitions

DATA RECOVERY MUMBAI. Follows a performance oriented cost effective process to help you migrate your data in a seamless data migration process. Our vast experience, best methodologies and expertise in data recovery & management reduce expensive downtime and loss of productivity for your organization. We follow a six phase proven data migration process to best manage the obstacles of time, cost and application downtime.

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