Thursday 8 November 2012

Media -Data Conversion Services | Data Conversion Mumbai

Media -Data Conversion Services

Data Recovery Mumbai does Media ,Data Conversion services between any type of media, hard drives, digital tape, CD/CDR/DVD,Hard Disk Data Recovery.

The various combinations are endless. And so is our ability to accommodate you.

Through our extensive collection of equipment, We can offer services to exchange data between virtually any type of media, including any combination of hard drives, all types of digital tape, CD/CDR/DVD, floppy diskettes, and removable cartridge. All this, without altering the data.

Platform Exchange

We can also move data from one operating system to another. Perhaps you have several files in Unix and need them in DOS, or in CPM and want them on PC. We will seamlessly change the platform to the operating system of your choice.

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Desktop Hard Drive Removal Instructions | Disk Drive Removal Tips Mumbai

Desktop Hard Drive Removal Instructions

Data Recovery Mumbai gives you step wise instructions on disk drive removal. We also provide data recovery services 100% Confidential Data Recovery.

WARNING: The edges of metal panels can cut skin. Be careful not to slide skin along any interior metal edge of the computer.

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