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Removable Media CD / DVD Data Recovery | CD / DVD Recovery-Mumbai

DATA RECOVERY recovers data from removable media such as CD's, DVD's, ZIP, Floppy, JAZ and more.

  • Causes of Data Loss in Removable Media
  • Dropped media and no longer accessible
  • Inaccessible medium and partitions
  • Applications that unable to run or load data
  • Corrupted data
  • Viruses
  • Media component failure
  • Media crashes
  • Degraded media
  • Fire, water, coffee and other liquid damage
  • Media surface contamination and damage
  • User Errors such as accidental reformatting of partitions or volumes and deletion of data 
Each recovery case begins with a free diagnostic to determine the potential for recovery and to provide a firm price-quote for your review. The initial diagnosis determines whether the media is accessible to our lab equipment. If the media is inaccessible our lab will test the components and closely examine its internal health to determine the extent of physical damage.

Recovery of crashed media often involves intensive work in a clean environment (Clean Room class 100) and using specialized hardware and software tools to create the raw image.

Logical recovery uses the raw image by examining the low-level data sectors and determining what fixes to file system structures are needed to get access to the important data. Sometimes the existing file system structures are missing or damaged so much that data has to be extracted directly from one or more fragments of the raw image.

Once a recovery has been successfully performed, file lists are created and data validity and integrity is checked.

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